As we know, Rajasthan is one of the leading state for growing startup culture extensively and generating employment opportunities and entrepreneurship in the state, Stack has become a one-stop-solution for startups. Rajasthan Stack is an exemplary initiative which is bridging the gap between a startup and the government. It has become an umbrella where startups can nurture and get various services at a single window. With introduction of multiple services, Rajasthan is walking ahead with the entrepreneurial pace.

How does it make a Difference


Secure Access to All Government Platforms and Infrastructure

Software Ecosystem

Motivate individuals to work for a cause


To bring change in delivery of Government services by assuring transparency, efficiency and ease of access.



An Integrated, Unified And Centralised Service
Delivery platform of Rajasthan which is offering wide range of services to the residents close to their doorstep. It is one of the successful programme of e-Governance.

Bhamashah Resident Data Hub (BDH)

Data Hub (BDH) Is Created Under The Bhamashah Scheme
An authentic single source of truth or all resident data in the State. Created Under The Bhamashah Scheme in the year 2014, it is a centralized and comprehensive dataset comprising authentic data for residents of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Single Sign On

Allows Citizens to Log On Various Portals
Allows citizens to log on various portals through single sign-on options. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.


Application Through Network For Automated Communication
Integrates mobile telephony with information technology for generating voice calls for the timely transfer of information to rural citizens, including the elderly, physically challenged and widowed persons.


I-FACT Is A Direct Communication With Residents
through S.M.S/Voice Message/ Structure queries. i-Facts is an IT enabled fully automated citizen based transparent status. The key objective of i-FACT is to involve citizen/civil society in governance by obtaining their views regarding various programs/ policies/ functionaries.


RajNET Is An Integrated Network Solution
An integrated network solution for connectivity upto Gram Panchayats. RajNET is an umbrella network connected with existing networks like RajSWAN, SecLAN, etc. It has multi modal connectivity like VSAT, Captive OFC, RF and terrestrial connectivity, monitored through a Centralised Integrated Network Operating Centre.


Rajdhara e-Governance Overnance Program Of Rajasthan Government
A unified GIS (Geographical Information System) platform and decision support system of geospatial data for the state. Rajdhara works on LiDAR scanning and 3D modelling of selected heritage monuments/structures like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall, City Palace- Jaipur/Udaipur, 7 Gates of Walled City, etc.

Raj E-Vault

Raj E-Vault is a Secure and Authorised Espace
A secure and authorized eSpace with electronic self attestation and eVerification. Raj eVault is a Digital Document Manager. It is a portal dedicated to providing digital verification platform for official documents and certificates, hence, overall reducing the need of tedious paperwork.

Raj Sewa Dwar

RSD is Part OF Implementation Of Rajasthan E-Governance Framework
A centralized middleware Enterprise Service Bus for all inter application connectivity. Raj Sewa Dwar ensures that there are no P2P connectivity systems, and that services can be utilized by multiple systems on the fly with centralized monitoring.

Raj Payment Platform

Raj Payment Platform is an important initiative
A secure and convenient manner to pay your bills and other payments online. RPP will electronically present your bills to you, including your telephone bills, electricity bills, cell-phone bills,credit card bills, ISP charges and others.

Raj Kaj

Raj Kaj is an Integrated Office Automation Platform.
Provides an enhanced office productivity and streamlined internal process. Raj Kaj is an integrated office automation platform which works as one-stop-place for all employees, for their functions as well as roles.

Raj Bioscope

Raj Bioscope a Newly Launched Video Portal
An online video portal of Government of Rajasthan which includes useful videos of various government schemes & programmes.Users can make and upload engaging videos from their mobiles on new ideas.